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Internet Website Accessibility Declaration

Triangle Strategic Industrial Zone, contributory organisation, (hereinafter only the Triangle SIZ) enhances its Internet web site to be accessible to all users and comply with all accessibility principles under the methodology of the Ministry of the Interior. The form of published information is in compliance with Decree No. 64/2008 Coll., on the form of publishing information related to the exercise of public administration via web sites for persons with disability (Accessibility Decree) and to meet all regulations published in the annex to this Decree. At creating the Internet web site we proceeded according to the Guideline to Decree No. 64/2008 Coll.


Recommended Extensions of the Browser


Some documents are provided in PDF format. Because of their scope downloading is advisable. For the display of these documents it is necessary to have Adobe Reader browser and Adobe FlashPlayer application installed. They are, free of charge, available for downloading on the company Adobe Systems, Inc. sites.


Links Content


There are links used on the Internet website directing to other sites saved on other servers, or to general files that can be browsed or loaded to a computer. The files are published in following formats:


PDF - Portable Document Format - a file format developed by the company Adobe for saving documents independently of software and hardware on which they were provided. There are freely accessible browsers for a lot of platforms; the most widely known is the official browser of the Adobe Reader mother company. PDF files have .pdf and/or .PDF filename extension.


PDF is an open standard and it is easily transferable. Its reproduction is independent of the used software and hardware. That is why it is wide-spread and frequently used. On 1 July 2008 this format was published as ISO 32000-1:2008 standard.


JPG - is a file format for digital images that can be opened in freely accessible applications, e.g. XnView.


MP4 - is a video file format that can be opened in freely accessible applications, e.g. KMPlayer.


Information from External Sources


In some sections of the Internet site the content drawn from external sources is published. The content of these sections is dependent on providing data from external data sources. In case of inaccessibility of these sources complete content may not be displayed in the site sections, e.g. a promotion video, work offer, link to a flash maps, etc.


Hardware and Software Requirements


The Internet site can be viewed on a desktop computer, notebook or a mobile device with connection to Internet. Ideal for browsing on the Internet site is some of the most frequently used web browser in the latest version, e.g. Internet Explorer, MS Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.


Google Chrome and Safari are recommended for browsing on mobile devices. For complete and user friendly display of the Internet site it is necessary to activate JavaScript and CCS style in the web browser. Correct display of the content in Windows XP/Vista operation system and Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 browser (or older versions) is not guaranteed since these software products are not supported by their producers anymore.


Contact to the Internet Site Administrator


Please, send your comments on difficulties in the display of our sites to info(at)industrialzonetriangle.com.


Thank you for your contingent feedback to which we will attend.