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Engineering services – orientation prices of utilities, financial costs and fees




Connection fee due to reserved electricity power and realization connection of the electricity in standard tension level 22 kV is 800.000 CZK/MW. This fee must be covered by an investor. The ČEZ Distribuce, a.s. Company is an operator of the electrical net. The price of the electricity is different on the Czech market and mostly depends on the business covenant between a supplier and a customer, power, customer’s total consumption e.g. in MWh per year, customer’s power of circuit breaker, customer benefits. In the Czech Republic there are several suppliers of the electricity, e.g. CEZ GROUP, innogy, EG.D (please click) and others.




Installation of connection piping is paid for by the investor.

Estimated cost of installing connection piping cca 3 – 5 thousand CZK per metre + design documentation. Price of gas consumption in MWh is specified in a contract between the supplier and end user. The price depends on the quantity of gas consumed within a set time period. In the Czech Republic there are several gas suppliers, e.g. CEZ GROUP, innogy, EG.D and others.




Installation of connection piping is paid for by the investor.

Estimated cost for installing the connection cca 3 – 5 thousand CZK per metre + design documentation.

Price of a cubic metre of drinking water is 48.56 CZK without VAT and 53.41 CZK including 10 % VAT.

Price of a cubic metre of wastewater removal is 46.30 CZK without VAT, 50.93 CZK including 10 % VAT.

Price of a cubic metre of utility - industrial water is 19.53 CZK without VAT and 22.45 CZK including 15 % VAT.




Installation of connection piping is paid for by the investor.

Estimated cost of installing connection piping cca 3 – 5 thousand CZK per metre + design documentation. Capacity adequate, as per investor’s needs.

The Triangle Industrial Zone has its own new wastewater treatment plant with an ultimate capacity 1,800 cu.m of biologically polluted water per day.

Price of a cubic metre of wastewater cleaned at the technological wastewater treatment plant is 16.26 CZK without VAT, 17.88 CZK including 10 % VAT.



Price of a cubic metre of rain water removal is 1.18 CZK without VAT, 1.29 CZK including 10 % VAT.


Waste disposal


There are firms in the near vicinity rendering these services which have sufficient capacity.

Orientation prices of communal waste removal (without VAT):


Container 110 l

once a week

1.400 CZK

Container 110 l

once every two weeks

700,- CZK

Container 240 l

once a week

2.500 CZK

Container 240 l

once every two weeks

1.300 CZK

Container 1.100 l

once a week

9.500 CZK

Container 1.100 l

twice a week

19.000 CZK

Container 1.100 l

once every two weeks

4.800 CZK

Container 1.100 l

One-year rental

1.000 CZK


Road infrastructure
The land is separated from the road by a pavement and a strip of engineering services (approx. 17 m wide).
The zone is adjacent to class I, II and III roads, which are connected to the D7 highway in the Prague – Chomutov direction.


Transport and logistics


What public transport serves the Triangle industrial zone?


At present, the Ústí Region provides public passenger transport from four catchment areas, namely Most, Chomutov, Louny and Žatec. All these bus lines meet the requirements for basic transport services at times corresponding with the starts and ends of shifts of the investors doing business in the Triangle industrial zone.


Are the connection roads in the direction from the industrial zone to the highway capable of taking a cargo of up to 20 tons? Are there any road access complications (roundabouts, bridges, etc.)?


Yes, the roads are capable of taking cargos of up to 20 tons. There are no complications in the access to the industrial zone.


Is any special permit required for transporting cargo with goods?


It depends on the quantity and type of the transported goods.


How many road haulage companies within a 50 km radius have at least 50 trucks of transport capacity 15 metric tons or more?


There is an adequate network of logistics firms with standard cargo capacities.


Where is the nearest sea port? Are there any restrictions concerning  cargo height (such as tunnels and bridges) between the zone and the sea port?


Hamburg, Bremen (Germany) 600 km, Rotterdam (NL) 800 km, Stettin (Sczcecin – PL) 450 km, river ports in Lovosice 45 km, Ústí nad Labem 65 km with connection to the Baltic or North Sea. Obviously, there are tunnels and bridges along the route of standard motorway infrastructure.


How far is it from the zone to the nearest railway line?


Žatec railway station is 5 km away. A design is ready for building a railway siding from the Triangle industrial zone to the Postoloprty railway station, 8 km long.


Are there any traffic restrictions, time-of-the-day or days-in-the-week, on product deliveries to an airport or port, or on road haulage as such?


Pursuant to Act No. 361/2000, the Road Transport Act, restrictions apply to vehicles above 7.5 tons and also for vehicles over 3.5 tons with a trailer on motorways, roads for motor vehicles and class I roads.


Days in the week and times at which these vehicles are not allowed to drive on these roads (main school holidays July 1 to August 31):

Friday         5 pm - 9 pm   during main school holidays only

Saturday    7 am - 1 pm   during main school holidays only

Sunday      1 pm - 10 pm  whole year


Does the industrial zone have a public bonded warehouse?


No, the industrial zone does not have a public bonded warehouse.


Does the industrial zone have a logistics centre/premises for logistics?


At present there is no logistics centre in the industrial zone, but there are premises for logistics.


Climatic information


Is the industrial zone situated in a flood area?


The Triangle industrial zone is situated away from the flood area of the Chomutovka and Ohře rivers.


What is the frequency of hurricanes striking the Triangle industrial zone?


The probability of a hurricane striking the zone is almost zero.


Areas and land


What is the 2021 land and property tax rate?


No generally applicable law can be used to determine expected property tax for future investors. In all cases, information obtained from the Inland Revenue Service must be used. Property tax consists of two basic items:


  • The tax rate is fixed and is set by legislation (Other Land 0.20 CZK per sq.m, Building Land 2 CZK per sq.m, paved area of the land used for business or in connection with it, serving for industry, construction, transportation, energy, other agricultural production and other types of business 5 CZK per sq.m, Industrial Building 10.00 CZK per sq.m).


  • Local coefficients, which are set for a particular year by the local council, differ from land to land and from building to building (e.g., the council may differentiate between different types of buildings, and in land according to the land type and cadastral territory).


For this reason, the Czech Republic Inland Revenue Service has made available on its tax portal website a simple application - Search for Coefficients for Property Tax Returns – see here.


What geotechnical data are available for the locality?


Available is an engineering geology study of the locality including a Study of Seismic Activities of the Triangle Strategic Industrial Zone.


What is the geomorphology of SIZ Triangle?


From geomorphologic point of view the evaluated area is part of Žatec field. It is created mainly by large tableland, where dip is from northwest from spot height approx. 290 m above sea towards southeast to spot height approx. 255 m above sea. Maximal difference between the highest and the lowest point of SIZ Triangle is 20 m with distance of these points 3 300 m (average ascent 0.6 %).


Was there or is there still in the industrial zone locality any ecological burden? If so, what kind?


There used to be an ecological burden (remnants of a military airport); decontamination works were carried out in 2003 – 2009. Post-decontamination monitoring was terminated in mid-2013. There is no longer any ecological burden in the Triangle industrial zone.


Are the proprietorship rights to the industrial zone land known?


Yes, the land is fully owned by the Ústí Region (public sector).


What are the requirements for greenery inside the zone?


In the Strategic Industrial Zone Triangle area will be at each bulding (each investor) minimally 10 % of the greening.


Does the industrial zone have any building height limit defined?


Height limit for buildings of build-up area is 15 m. Higher objects are considered to be visually very exposed and it is therefore proposed in the case of their exceeding in the Strategic Industrial Zone Triangle to be secured their architectural quality through participation in an authorized architect of the project.


Human resources


How successful is SPZ Triangle, p. o. in acquiring professional technical personnel for investors doing business in the Triangle industrial zone?


The Ústí Region is the founder of the majority of high schools, with an established system of backbone schools. All in all, the Region has more than 100 high schools with almost 45.000 students. The Ústí Region creatively helps to find graduates jobs – for more details, see the section Human resources of the industrial zone.


What types of universities and how many are within a 50 km radius?


15 km – detached facilities (consultation centres) of University of Chemical Technology (VŠCHT), Czech Agricultural University (ČZÚ) and J.E. Purkyně University (UJEP)

65 km – J.E. Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem, 7 faculties including Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies and Management

70 km – Prague, e.g., Czech Technical University (ČVUT), VŠCHT and other.


How many technical colleges are within a 50 km radius?


Within a 30 km radius there are more than 30 technical colleges, of which more than 10 have technical subjects at the higher technical college or middle technical apprenticeship school level, e.g., Technical College, College of Gastronomy, Automotive College Chomutov, contributory organisation, Energy and Construction Technical College Chomutov, contributory organisation, Industrial College Most, contributory organisation, General Fajtl Technical College Louny, and others.


Does an investor has opportunity to obtain state incentive from active policy of employment?


Yes, part of state active politicy is support to create new job positions through allowances for employers, who are able to employ job applicants, also allowances directly for job applicants. For more information please click here (only in Czech language). That is why do not hesitate to contact the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and/or the Labour Office in the city of Louny.


What are the average gross wages in technical professions in the Ústí Region?


For enlarge the graph, please click here [PDF 324 kB].


What are tax rates, social and health insurance in the Czech Republic?

Further information you can find on the web-page of the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic and the Czech Social Security Administration.


What is the rate of employees resigning (blue collar, admin, management)?


The normal rate is about 15%, but depends on the industry.


Are there any requirements for establishing trade unions?


Trade unions are established independently of the state. It is prohibited to limit the number of trade unions being established, as it is to favour any of them within the enterprise or branch. Specific conditions for establishing a new trade union are governed by Act No. 83/1990 on citizen associations.


Are there any restrictions for employees in respect of work hours – hours, day in the week, etc.?


Yes, see in particular Articles 81 – 87 of Act No. 262/2006, the Labour Code and its amendment, Act No. 365/2011, in the wording effective from 1st January 2014, and other related laws.


What types of mandatory benefits must firms provide to their employees?


See in particular Articles 244 – 247 of Act No. 262/2006, the Labour Code and its amendment, Act No. 365/2011, in the wording effective from 1st January 2014, and other related laws.


Permits and approvals


What relevant construction development permits must be obtained from public service authorities before and during the construction project?


Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA), land ruling, building permit, water permit or equivalent permit as defined by the current Building Act (e.g., public contract, land permit, building works announcement, etc.). The Ústí Region as the industrial zone’s proprietor undertakes to render investors all the required collaboration and support necessary for the investor to obtain all the relevant permits and approvals for a building permit concerning the construction project of its capital investment plan.


What is general entrance procedure for an investor with investment interest about the Strategic Industrial Zone Triangle?


General procedure has usually following steps, which can be a little bit different based on actual needs of participated parties.

What is standard approval process preceding the construction in industrial zone?


For enlarge the harmonogram, please click here [PDF 198 kB].


What are the processes and the related production permit which have to be obtained from public service authorities after the construction project's completion?


This will depend on the type of production. Usually, first trial operation takes place, followed by a final manufacturing permit. Opinions are issued by the locally competent building department.


What is required to establish a firm (papers, documents) which is to do business in the industrial zone and which will be asset-controlled by a foreign owner?


To incorporate a new company, a deed of foundation certified by a notary is required (which must specify the line of business). Subsequently, this document is presented to a Business Licensing Department which will, within 5 working days, issue (provided everything is OK) a business licence. After that, an application for incorporation in the commercial register must be submitted within 90 days. Following that, an identification number, the so-called  IČ, will be assigned.


Culture and leisure time facilities


Does the Triangle industrial zone or its surroundings offer any leisure time facilities?


The industrial zone as such does not offer as yet any leisure time facilities. However, the development of Triangle City is planned, which most certainly will offer leisure time facilities. In the nearby village of Bitozeves, one can play golf or learn the game’s basics – more at http://www.golfbitozeves.cz. The Statutory City of Chomutov promotes beautiful places for sports and holiday contemplations at http://www.echomutov.cz/en, the Statutory City of Most on the tourist portal, the town of Louny at http://www.louny.eu/en//8/ and the town of Žatec at http://cs.zatec-thum.eu/en/.